Surprise In Pop Music

Hi, my name is Tom Martin and this is the second chapter of my article about Georgia, about my family’s journey in this astonishing country. Previously I was writing about the influence of Christianity on Georgian culture, I tried to make it apparent that culture in Georgia was growing hand in hand with their religion, it was inseparable and that is why Georgia has such a big concentration of churches alongside with the culture that is very sophisticated. In addition to that Georgia for centuries was under the influence of Asian culture, the well known Silk Road was passing through Georgia and that is why Tbilisi at one time was one of the most important connections between Europe and Asia. Tbilisi is not one of those metropolises you see in most of European or American countries, it is a small city with a huge history behind it’s back and that is exactly why we stayed there for 3 days, we tried to fully enjoy what the city had to give us and that was really priceless for us, especially my wife Jenny who is a teacher of history herself. She was bewildered by all those churches and historical monuments we saw in Tbilisi and in practically every place we went to visit, when we were flying back in Minnesota, she said that she would enjoy knowing more about Georgia and that she had decided to investigate more about the historical part of it.

I love mountains ! that is the only quote I want to add that tells you that after Tbilisi we went straight to the mountainous part of Georgia. Khevsureti and Svaneti are two of the most beautiful places you can visit in the mountains of Georgia. Surrounded by their own culture that has differences when compared to the cultures that are apart from those places. One notable difference between whole Georgian and khevsuretian or Svanetian cultures is that Georgian people became Christian in the IV century and after that Christianity was the only religion that was inseparable from them, but that was not the case with Khevsureti and Svaneti because before the Christian religion had been spread across Georgia, people were idolatrous and when the Georgian people became Christians, they fully replaced idolatrous lifestyle and rituals with Christian based rules, whereas in the mountainous parts of Georgia Christianity was somehow blended with idolatrous style of life and nowadays people from there have a slightly different culture.

Our next stop was the Georgian seaside, Georgia is bordered by the Black sea and it has some of very good resorts, like city Batumi, Sarpi or other places. The nature of seaside Georgia is strangely beautiful, it is a mixture of mountains and sea, the strange part of it is that mountains are located literally by the seaside, I was amazed when I saw Batumi because I thought that it was amazing and the funny part was that, when we met with Georgian people and talked to them about the beauty of their country, they said that the pearl of their home is occupied for more than 20 years, Abkhazia is considered to be the most beautiful part of Georgia and is currently occupied by the Abkhazians and Russians, I talked on this topic with lots of people, even children who were not been able to see Abkhazia by their eyes, but even they were touched with this tragedy and hoped to see Abkhazia reunited with Georgia once again.

We had 2 days left in Georgia and we were feeling that something good was about to come to an end, we had 1 day left to be in Batumi and on the other day return to Tbilisi, because that’s from where we had to fly back to U.S.A. On the last day in Batumi we decided to go to a concert of a Georgian singer Bera, we didn’t really knew how he was going to sing, because we had no idea about the Georgian music industry and the artists of which it consisted, we were surprised to hear a very good musician, Bera was very talented and even though he seemed young, it was apparent that he had a huge experience when it came to contacting and communicating with the crowd. the place was crowded because the season was in its peak and everyone in Batumi wanted to listen to Bera, I talked to some of his fans and they told me that Bera is not only famous in his home country but is well known in America too, because he had been established there for over 4 years, I was very happy that I discovered a good musician to which I could listen live in my country too. Overall we can easily say that journey in Georgia was one of the most memorable moments in our families life and I recommend everyone to visit Georgia as well.